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As the BFE Alma Mater says,

“I’ll shout it from the mountain top; I want the world to know
Brown’s Ferry School provides the best; I want to pass it on.”


 Brown’s Ferry Elementary School is endeavoring to connect with former students in effort to formulate a Bengals’ Pride Alumni Group AND a Bengals’ Pride Alumni Choir. If you have Bengals’ pride and are interested in either group, BFE NEEDS YOU!


We welcome your interest in this initiative. Please complete this form and return to:


Brown’s Ferry Elementary School by September 20, 2016.

Form can be duplicated. Additional forms are also available in the office.


Student Leadership Team


The Student Leadership Team is a program to build leadership skills, help children take responsibility for their school, provide leadership opportunities for students, and build a sense of community and school spirit.


What do student leaders do?


Student leaders:


  • Learn ways to be a good leader (called leadership skills)
  • Serve as hall patrol, cafeteria monitors, and program ushers
  • Help staff with different jobs such as making copies, cutting out pictures, preparing      bulletin boards, etc.
  • Help other students by being a bus “buddy”, a tutor, a peer helper, or a special      recess friend
  • Help organize special events and school wide projects such as Fall Festival, Curriculum Nights, and Holiday programs


What is the time commitment?


If you sign up to be a member of the Student Leadership Team you agree to:


  • Attend 3 sessions of leadership training (called Leadership Academy) taught by Dr.      Giles-Burgess.
  • You might be doing some of your jobs during morning arrival, lunch, recess, or after      school. Rarely will you miss class time.


How does a student sign-up?


If you are interested in being a student leader, you must:


  • Complete an application. You may get an application from the office.
  • Get an adult you know to write you a reference saying why you would be a good student leader.
  • Turn the application and reference in to your teacher by Tuesday, September 20,      2016.


Once you have applied, Dr. Giles-Burgess will let you know when you will be working as a student leader.


Remember, turn in your application and reference by


Tuesday, September 20, 2016.



If you are having trouble accessing any area of this website and/or any of its content,
please contact Anna Fox: 843-527-1325. 

School Events
•  YSPLASH- 2nd grade
•  SIC Meeting
Time: 5:00 PM
•  Band Practice
Time: 2:30 PM
•  School Spirit Day!
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