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BFE School Improvement Council

School Improvement Council 

The Georgetown County School Board directs the establishment of a School Improvement Council (SIC) in each school in the district. In addition to other functions, councils serve to:

  • Keep the board informed of school activities and concern.
  • Involve the community in the schools.

Each SIC shall be composed of:

  • At least two parents, elected by parents enrolled in the school;
  • At least two teachers, elected by the faculty;
  • Other representatives of the community and school organizations appointed by the principal. 

The principal shall serve on the council in an ex-officio capacity. Councils may be composed of any number of members, at the discretion of the principal. Elected members of the council shall comprise of at least two-thirds majority of the membership. Council members, once elected, will elect a chairperson, and another member (elected or appointed) to serve as secretary. Other officers may be selected if council members wish. 

Appointed Members
Ebone' Morant
- Community
Rev. Justin Gamble- Community
Sandra Holmes- Community
Calanda Linen- Parent
Samantha Vereen- Parent
Katie Kessler- Teacher
Gail Hendriks- Teacher
Dorthula Geathers- Support Staff
Isaac Cobb- Support Staff
PTO President- Ex- Officio
Dr. Bethany Giles- Burgess- Principal- Ex Officio