Parenting Compact

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Georgetown County School District
J. B. Administration and Education Center
2018 Church Street Georgetown, SC 29440 (843) 436-7000

Parents/Student/School Promise of Commitment

Optimal learning opportunities are available to students when parents, students, and the school work as a team. This contract is for the parents, students, and the school to affirm their responsibilities and goals for the student's education in the coming school year.

The student agrees:
   -To attend school regularly
   -To comply with Policy JF: Student Rights and Responsibilities (the student code of behavior)
   -To comply with Policy IJND: Acceptable Use (regarding computers/internet access)
   -To assume the responsibility for learning as is appropriate for the student's level
   -To respect the rights and property of others
   -To apply himself/herself to his/her studies
   -To read and abide by the rules in the student handbook

The parent agrees:
   -To support the student in the student's school work and activities
   -To provide enough time and a place for study
   -To be available for conferences with student's teachers
   -To participate in student's education process
   -To support, encourage, and actively promote the commitments made by the
    student in the above section

The school agrees:
   -To respect the person and property of the student
   -To notify parent in a timely fashion of absences, of behavior problems, and/or 
    lack of academic achievement on student's part
   -To provide the best education for student's benefit
   -To support, encourage, and actively promote the commitments made by students
    and the parents/guardians in the above section

Failure to return this promise of commitment will not relieve a student or the parent(s) from the responsibility of becoming aware of the contents of School Board Policies JF: Student Rights and Responsibilities; JICFAA, JFH, JICFB: Student complaints, harassment, intimidation, bullying and sex/gender discrimination; IJND: Acceptable Use; and instruction policies regarding promotion, retention, grading, and graduation; and will not excuse the student's non-compliance with these policies.

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